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System access for Blackpool Council permanent/temporary employees and casual workers:
> Logging on while connected to the council network on a council device: Select the PURPLE Blackpool Council Staff button; this should take you straight into your account without the need for a password.
> Logging on while NOT on the council’s network or on a PERSONAL device: Select the PURPLE Blackpool Council Staff button. You will be asked for your ICT Network username and password after selecting the purple button; this is the username and password that you use to log onto your work device; you can contact Blackpool Council's ICT department for this information if unsure.

Early Access: If you've not started with us yet but have your username/password, you are classed as 'early access' and your login details should be on your welcome letter.

Agency workers, councillors, volunteers, schools and partner organisations:
How do I access the system?
> Always use the BLUE button.
> If you have an employee number, enter this as your ‘Username’, excluding any zeros at the start of this number.
> If you do not have an employee number, enter your work email address or the email address you registered with.
> Your generic, first-time password is 'welcome' (you will be asked to change this to something memorable).

Select 'Create an Account' if you've been requested to register and complete the required fields.

SCHOOLS REGISTRATION: Send full name, employee no. and work email address to Your account will be confirmed within 48 hours.

Courses work on desktop, tablet and mobile devices with an internet connection.
iPool processes your information in the background on first login. Refresh/revisit after a few minutes to see your learning dashboard; please be patient, your dashboard will be ready as quickly as possible.

Contact for additional support if required.